UC Berkeley Isotope Geochemistry Seminar

On Monday April 15th, I’ll be giving the Berkeley Isotope Geochemistry Seminar, please stop by if you are in the area!

Spring 2019 Isotope Geochemistry Seminar Schedule

15 April 2019:   Seminar – UC Berkeley Isotope Geochemistry Seminar

4:00pm in 265 McCone

Title of Talk: Aqueous alteration in the early Solar System: constraints from oxygen isotopes and Mn-Cr radiometric dating of chondrites.


Nearly 4.6 billion years ago, our sun was born, and planets and small bodies began to accrete. But what was the next step in the geologic evolution of rocky materials?  To unravel this history, we turn to materials captured in chondrites. A chondrite is a type of meteorite composed of undifferentiated material assembled within a few million years after the birth of the sun, offering a glimpse at material that was present or formed in the solar disk. It has become well-recognized that water played a critical role in the early geological evolution of materials through observation of hydrated phases in chondritic meteorites. In this talk, I will present stable oxygen isotopic compositions of these materials, which constrains the conditions and mechanisms of aqueous alteration. In addition, I will discuss Mn-Cr radiometric dating of secondary minerals, which constrains the ages of aqueous alteration on small bodies in the early Solar System.


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