UC Berkeley Isotope Geochemistry Seminar

On Monday April 15th, I’ll be giving the Berkeley Isotope Geochemistry Seminar, please stop by if you are in the area! Spring 2019 Isotope Geochemistry Seminar Schedule 15 April 2019:   Seminar – UC Berkeley Isotope Geochemistry Seminar 4:00pm in 265 McCone Title of Talk: Aqueous alteration in the early Solar System: constraints from oxygen isotopes … More UC Berkeley Isotope Geochemistry Seminar

Classroom Images

The Lunar and Planetary Institute has a great classroom illustrations resource for teachers and educators.  On their site, you can find useful images that explain a wide variety of planetary processes, such as lunar cratering and impact morphology.  I helped to illustrate/re-design many of these diagrams for digital media, such as the ones below.  Check … More Classroom Images