Back to Back Seminars on Chondrites

Next week, on Tuesday, October 8th, I’ll be presenting a Seminar to USGS about radiometric dating of chondritic material.  If you can’t make it to that date, I’ll be presenting the same Seminar on Wednesday, November 13th at Stanford.  Please stop on by! Details below: Title: The first 20 million years: Using geochronology of chondrites … More Back to Back Seminars on Chondrites

UC Berkeley Isotope Geochemistry Seminar

On Monday April 15th, I’ll be giving the Berkeley Isotope Geochemistry Seminar, please stop by if you are in the area! Spring 2019 Isotope Geochemistry Seminar Schedule 15 April 2019:   Seminar – UC Berkeley Isotope Geochemistry Seminar 4:00pm in 265 McCone Title of Talk: Aqueous alteration in the early Solar System: constraints from oxygen isotopes … More UC Berkeley Isotope Geochemistry Seminar

New Paper on CR Chondrites

The presence of hydrated minerals in chondrites indicates that water played an important role in the geologic evolution of the early Solar System; however, the process of aqueous alteration is still poorly understood. We investigated the oxygen isotopic compositions of secondary minerals in CR chondrites to constrain fluid conditions on the asteroidal parent body. Calcite, … More New Paper on CR Chondrites