New Paper on Stardust fine grained material

Our consortium on Stardust material has published a new article about primitive fine-grained materials found in comet dust. The paper, titled “Fine-grained material associated with a large sulfide returned from Comet 81P/Wild 2” (primary author Zack Gainsforth), takes a look at a large particle called Andromeda, and how it shielded this delicate material upon aerogel … More New Paper on Stardust fine grained material

New Paper on CR Chondrites

The presence of hydrated minerals in chondrites indicates that water played an important role in the geologic evolution of the early Solar System; however, the process of aqueous alteration is still poorly understood. We investigated the oxygen isotopic compositions of secondary minerals in CR chondrites to constrain fluid conditions on the asteroidal parent body. Calcite, … More New Paper on CR Chondrites

Recent Paper

Did you know that some asteroids were once wet?  We used radiometric dating to discover that water flowed on primitive asteroids over 4.5 billion years ago. To learn more about this and what it means about the early history of our Solar System, read more here.